Plaha Transport In White Rock:

Plaha Transport is expertise in providing a huge range of transportation and landscaping services to the clients in White Rock. We specialize in services such as bulk hauling sand & gravel, excavating, demolition and snow removal, aggregates delivery, transporting products of landscape and asphalt supplies to customers. Our main objective is to perceive and adapt the client’s requirements and establish a good working relationship. Our company is based on some important characteristic such as Flexibility, reliability, and efficiency.

White Rock Sand and Gravel


Hauling Sand and Gravel Service in White Rock:

For over 10year, Plaha transport has been serving clients in the White Rock, with efficient and affordable hauling sand and gravel services. We transport these materials directly to your construction site at your convenience. We maintain the quality you’d expect from a team of professionals, as well as the friendly service to the clients.

Excavating Services in White Rock:

Our main objective to be your trusted source for all of your excavating needs. We try our best and work hard to maintain the quality that you expect from us. Our highly experienced team members and the best quality commercial products will help you to bring the excellent excavation service in Stony Plain.


We can demolish and remove houses, garages, sheds, decks, greenhouses, fences, sidewalks, driveways, interior demolition, etc. We’ll visit you for a free estimate.

Rip-Rap Hauling Service:

All construction companies are very familiar with the Riprap hauling service also known as the shot rock, rubbles, rock armor etc. We process, sorts and transport all sizes of Rip Rap from the largest stone quarries in White Rock.

Large screens or Grizzlies contains classes which ranging in size as:
CLASS M1 – 125-300mm
CLASS 1 – 200-450mm
CLASS 2 – 300-500mm
CLASS 3 – 500-800mm


We will push and/or haul commercial or residential lots. Please call for pricing.

Give Us Call for Free Estimate @ 780-278-6364