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Since from 2000

Company Overview

PLAHA TRANSPORT provides a range of transportation services to clientele on project basis including bulk solids hauling, truckload and general freight services throughout Western Canada and the Northwest Territories.


Here are our main Guiding Principles:

Plaha TRANSPORT demands ‘best practices’ that constitute safe conduct to protect our people, the public and the company.



We strive to build long term value added relationships with our people and our customers based on the solid foundation of trust, respect and integrity.



Work efficiently and profitably to ensure long term viability without compromise to the highest standards of moral and ethical behaviour.


PLAHA TRANSPORT carries $5M of both General and Automobile Liability Insurance, and maintain active

  1. Worker’s Compensation Board accounts in all three western provinces.
    Workers’ Compensation Board – Alberta “Partners in Injury Reduction” initiative,
    We holds a “CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION” (COR) issued by Alberta Human Resources and Employment.


PLAHA TRANSPORT contributor to the Canadian economy growing over the past decade to be the most important mode of commercial transportation in the country. More goods move by truck than by rail and air combined throughout North America.



Alberta’s Leading Trucking Company